Member Publication

Several of STNM’s members have published their stories in the form of books, CD’s, and DVD’s. Find the full list of publications below along with links to find and purchase their work. And congratulations to all of our published STNM members!


Michelle Adam

Child of Duende: A Journey of the Spirit is a magical story of a young girl in Málaga, Spain whose grandmother names her Duende, a word meaning the spirit of the earth one must awaken from within. She dances with Gypsies, travels with a nature spirit below the sea, and has dreams that transform her reality and that of Ingrid, a journalist who travels to her childhood home of Málaga to cover the story of supernatural vines. Ultimately, Ingrid’s return home reveals a truth that has been buried in the ground for millennia, and offers a story that New York Times Bestselling Author John Perkins described as awakening “who we are capable of being.” Also available in Spanish/Tambien disponible en Español


Kimberly Gotches

STNM's Kimberly Gotches, of Los Alamos, has published her first book of personal short stories. Under the Branches is a delightful read and would make a great gift for the story lover in your life.


Joe Hayes

Joe Hayes, a founding member of STNM, has published over 20 books and three anthologies, receiving countless awards for his work. 110 stories from his repertoire have been recorded and made available on Youtube. His work may be purchased through any local/national book seller. For more on Joe and a full list of his publications, click below.


Johanna and Scott Hongell-Darsee

Johanna and Scott have done it again! Their 2016 CD, The Mountain King, is a worthy partner to their 2014 Wandering Ballad, both of which are thoroughly enchanting. Johanna & Scott traveled far and wide to find the most beautiful, enthralling and mysterious songs, melodies and stories, to take you on a journey to faraway islands, deep forests and magical gardens.


Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Vaunda Micheaux Nelson is a founding member of STNM and the author of numerous books and four Coretta Scott King Award-winning books: No Crystal Stair, Bad News for Outlaws, The Book Itch, and Almost to Freedom. Having garnered over 50 awards for her work. Her 14th book, LET ’ER BUCK! George Fletcher, the People’s Champion was published in 2019 and reviewed by the New York Times book review.


Elaine Muray

Embodied and Enchanted: Physical Tales From Elaine Muray highlights Elaine's unique physical approach to storytelling with stories categorized for different age audiences. Winner of the Storytelling World Resource Award for Recordings (DVD). 1 hour’s worth of material including 4 stories for children and 3 stories for teens/adults, and a bonus interview with Elaine! For single orders in the US, $15.00 plus $4.50 shipping and handling. For multiple orders, or shipment outside of the US, please contact Elaine.

Regina CD.jpeg

Regina Ress

Recipient of the 2014 Storytelling World Honor Award, Regina's storytelling recording New York and Me: We're in a Longterm Relationship includes musical comments by jazz musician Michael Moss. Some of the stories are fact, some fiction; all hold truth about Regina and her "significant other," New York City. Stories were originally recorded for George Bodarky's Citiscape on WFUV Radio. Click ‘Learn More’ below to purchase the album and visit Regina’s website!