Duke City Story Slam

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Duke City Story Slam is Albuquerque’s only story slam (friendly storytelling competition). An accessible event including both Featured Tellers and Open Mic-ers telling true personal stories on a monthly theme. Prizes are given for the top scoring Featured and Open Mic Tellers and through the audience raffle.

Featured Tellers are recruited ahead of time and are provided with story crafting support and a rehearsal before the slam. They get 10-minutes on the mic to tell their story.

Open Mic Tellers can prep their story beforehand or spontaneously put their name in the hat at the mic for a chance to tell their 5-minute true story on that month’s theme.

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new location!
Canteen Brewhouse
2381 Aztec Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107


new day!
Now, every 4th Tuesday of the month
(unless a holiday gets in our way…)

Storytelling guidelines:

  • True Story

  • Your Story

  • No notes, props, or music

  • No -isms will be tolerated

  • Storytelling, not stand-up

  • Storytelling, not therapy

  • Stay within the time limit

more details on guidelines

Upcoming Themes:

September: Busted

October: What Was THAT? (Halloween Edition)

November: Food

December: Gifts


pitch a featured story

Want a guaranteed spot at a future slam, more time on the mic, and support putting your story together? Pitch a Featured Story! Email a brief description of your story concept on a future theme to DCSS Producer, Nash Jones. If you have a great story that doesn’t fit a current theme, pitch it and we may be able to create a theme it’ll work for.

enter the open mic

It’s as easy as showing up! Put your name in the hat when you get to the slam for a chance to get it pulled out in one of the two open mic rounds. There are four open mic slots every slam. You can prep a 5-min story for a future slam or just tell it off the cuff! But remember - your story should have an arc; a beginning, middle, and end.


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Program Coordinator, Nash Jones